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Hottubs & Spas


We love water

Hottub, Pools = Bliss

Enjoying being in water is a very natural experience! Being in warm water is naturally WONDERFUL! 

A hottub is a wonderful addition to any home providing a fun place to be and or a restful environment in which to relax and recharge. 

Costs can be managed via clever warming methods associated to times of use. Often less than the bottle of vino!

With a full install and maintenance package PCAS are your water partner for a wonderful leisure & pleasure time.

What we do

A moment of relaxation and fun all available at home!

It's hard to beat the calm & comfort of a Hottub!

These days we're all in need of relaxing and comfy moments and the Hottub does that and some. With the water warmth and bubbles flowing around the tub it's an amazing experience...spoil your senses with our range of aromatherapy scents.

Celebrate and enjoy the moment as never before.

Such a joy to plan for a special moment centered around a celebration enjoying the tub as part of that whether it's 2 or more fun times abound around the Tub experience.

Fun and laughter abounds, why is that? Does it matter, just enjoy.

Always a soothing experience with the Tub bubbles and water flow easing away the stresses of the day. There is no weather issue....just get in and enjoy! 

Choice & advice

We help you to choose & decide the appropriate Tub for your home, from Tub cost through to maintenance and running costs. Help with location and set-up and chemical pack.

Low cost Tubs

Most people get better value from their Tub than swimming pool installs. A quick and simple decision to 'do the Tub experience' and of course the water temp of mid 30's somewhat of a decision game changer!!

Installs & Service

All done in a day onto an agreed location with simple controls to manage the Tub and a full range of chemicals to ensure health and safety issues are maintained. Full warranty period applicable to all installs.

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